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Arrow Design, PLLC is a full service licensed engineering firm specializing in residential engineering.  We provide consulting service from Philadelphia, PA to Miami, FL (see service areas).  Examples of projects we offer consulting services are, but not limited too:

  • Residential Plan Review and Sealing

  • Connection & Component Design

  • Retaining Wall Design

  • Lateral Bracing System Design

  • Temporary Construction Bracing Design

  • Value Engineering Review of Existing Designs

  • High Wind Analysis & Design

  • Aluminum Railing Design

  • Additions and Renovations


Log House Construction

No matter how much planning and preparation goes into a project, problems will arise on the job site during construction.  When a structural issue happens on site, Arrow, Design can be there to provide a fast and cost effective solution (see service areas):  Our structural inspection services can address the following common issues as well as more uncommon issues not listed:

  • Damaged Structural Members and Connectors

  • Foundation Cracking and Settlement

  • Drywall Cracking

  • Nail Pops

  • Code Compliance Issues

  • New Structure Framing Inspections

  • Existing Structure Evaluations*

  • Homewowner/Builder Structural Warranty Claim Evaluations

  • Existing Building Surveys & As-Built Plan Creation

*Arrow Design is not a home inspection firm and does not offer full home inspection services typically required in the sale/purchase of a home.

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